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J.R. Richards Working On Next Album, Enjoying Life Away From Dishwalla

aaIn the last five years JR Richards has gotten married, lost a close friend to cancer, produced several other artists, written songs for TV shows, started a music and film production company with his wife Min Reid-Richards and fell in love with Scotland. No wonder Richards hasn’t had time to release a follow up to his first solo record (2009) titled A Beautiful End. The former front man for Dishwalla set out on his own after the band disbanded in 2008. A Beautiful End produced some of Richards’ best works. In addition to the title track, songs like “Far end of the Black” and “Never Forgotten,” showcased his skills as a vocalist and songwriter. But Richards now feels like the time is right to put out a new record, which he plans on finishing by the end of the year. “I’ve been writing and recording and my plan is to put out a full length record. I’d say I have about half of the songs written,” Richards said. “I’ll spend the summer finishing that. Most of the songs I’ve been writing are love songs and that’s something I haven’t really done before.”…


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